Welcome, this site is dedicated to a new conceptual way of looking at gravity.  It is edgy, some consider it junk, others consider it golden.  The truth is I love this stuff and I have a lot, I mean a lot, of thoughts, ideas, hypothesis and even theories.  I also have a PhD in Computational Science and Engineering with a concentration in Theoretical Physics.  With that being said, I prefer the simple way of looking at things and this site will work to keep it simple.  Yes, I reference Einstein’s beautiful theory of General Relativity and slip in a few tensors, geodesics and Lagrangian; but those are only for reference.  The idea of this hypothesis is simple, it has been thought of before and considered dead over a hundred years ago.  I am not discourage at all, Aristotle’s philosophy hung around nearly three thousand years before mankind moved away from some of the things he missed.  If you are new to my madness, you should start by reading the overview of the hypothesis here.

Thanks for stopping by!